Why choose Singapore Math Live?


Why choose Singapore Math Live?

You might be thinking “why should I choose Singapore Math Live over other math programs?” Here I’d like to address this common question.

  1. Flexibility: Most of us homeschooling parents choose the Singapore Math® curriculum because of its excellent reputation for teaching math concepts while also building critical thinking and problem-solving skills. This is done by offering a wide range of difficulty level in the problem sets and by providing many, many word problems. As a homeschool parent, I know that I am not limited by that which a classroom teacher is limited by, and so I prefer to not limit my children to a “lower ceiling” in either quality or quantity of problems. The set of books that Singapore Math Live recommends, which is the same as all four of my children used, includes Textbook, Workbook, Intensive Practice, and Challenging Word Problems. Having this set of books offers maximum flexibility. There are plenty of problems for those who need repetition and practice, but the amount of problems assigned can vary based on the individual needs of each child. The depth and rigor of problems will allow every student to go as far as they are willing/capable. With the support that Singapore Math Live offers, students have access to visual/verbal solutions that help them learn how to solve even the most challenging problems. Students can be challenged to try problems that are beyond their comfort level because the solutions recordings are available when they need assistance.
  2. Proven Excellence: As I worked through these books with my children, I was amazed. I have a BS in Mathematics and my pre-homeschooling experience was teaching upper-level high school math, so I was thrilled to observe how the curriculum demonstrates, in a concrete/pictorial way, the concepts that my high school students struggled to understand. It is amazing to see, with an eye towards high school level mathematics, what is built into the set of books that SML recommends. I have a lot of first-hand experience with this set of books. I’m extremely confident that completing them will give students a great foundation for success in upper-level math courses and will greatly enhance their critical thinking and reasoning skills.
  3. Problem Solving: Word problems are a crucial part of the Singapore Math curriculum. The Challenging Word Problems book is considered by many to be an excellent source of word problems. I love the fact that this book can be completed by doing two word problems each day. I would strongly encourage all families to incorporate this book in order to have daily practice in completing word problems. Families who use SML support can ask their children to attempt the problems for an appropriate amount of time and then view the SML solutions recordings to see Singapore math methods applied to the problems. Frequently the solution is much easier than it seems when the correct strategies are utilized!
  4. Cost-Benefit Analysis: Each edition of Singapore Math curriculum has support for teachers/parents and most parents utilize support of one type or another. For some, a written solution is enough. For others, having access to visual/verbal explanations is helpful. Singapore Math Live offers that level of support and the pricing is “homeschool friendly.” If your family follows the program that SML recommends, the total cost for your first child to complete Primary Math 1 through 6, including books and support, is $1025 (as of April, 2020.) Then, because of the re-registration discount and the ability to re-use the non-consumable Textbooks, the cost for each of the other children in your family, including books and support, is $510. As a parent of three college graduates/students, each of whom earned significant academic scholarships, I am confident that an investment in math education will open many doors in college admissions and in scholarship opportunities.
  5. Results: Two of our children scored in the upper 99.5% of all students who took the PSAT exam and were designated as National Merit Scholars. Each of our three college students/graduates earned significant academic scholarships. They did not all choose STEM careers, but their options were not limited by their math achievement. SML began offering support in 2015 and many parents report that SML support allows them to provide excellence in math education to their children. (See the “What Others Say” page on the SML website for those comments.)

Singapore Math Live equips parents to offer an excellent math education. SML provides students with instruction as well as visual/verbal solutions that model the strategies and methods of the Singapore Math curriculum. What if you knew you could provide your children with all of the necessary tools to have unbounded success in mathematics? The Singapore Math Live program is uniquely suited to help homeschooling parents to succeed in this endeavor.