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Starting a new journey can be scary, so let us help you get started with some tips.

Use the Weekly Schedule

The Weekly Schedule is a free download that is available at the top of each Primary Math support page. On most days, students should do one Workbook exercise, one or two pages in Intensive Practice, and one page in Challenging Word problems. Consider separating these three books into different times of the day so your child has three shorter bursts of math instead of one long marathon math session!

Use the Textbook and Workbook

The Textbook and Workbook provide excellent instruction and practice that introduces the material. Singapore Math Live does not recommend doing the problems in the Textbook since they are the same level of rigor as the workbook and we need to have time to work on the more rigorous problems in Intensive Practice and Challenging Word Problems books!

Watch Student Recordings

Before your child does an exercise in the Workbook, they can watch the corresponding Student Recording. On that recording, Brenda uses Singapore Math terminology and strategies to teach them the concept. You can watch it together if you like, or you can send them to the computer to finish that part on their own.

Watch the Week-at-a-glance for Parents

The Class Recordings are a crash course for the teacher. These recordings give parents a week-at-a-glance for what the student will encounter that week and also includes the solution and explanation to many of the assigned problems in the Workbook and Intensive Practice book. Plan a time each week to watch the recording from start to finish, or watch them when your child is stuck on a homework problem in the Workbook or Intensive Practice book. When your child can't solve a problem, you'll find help here!

Use the Challenging Word Problems Book

The Challenging Word Problems book has fabulous practice in critical thinking skills. By completing two problems each day, you will complete this book in one school year. Set a timer for 3-7 minutes, depending on your child's age and attention span. If they can't solve the problem in that amount of time, have them view the CWP recording. Over time, viewing the problem-solving strategies and methods will help them develop analytical thinking and critical thinking skills.

Use the Intensive Practice Workbook

The Intensive Practice book is very rigorous! This book provides the rigor that is necessary for a student to have an excellent math education. Your child won't have the results that Singapore Math's reputation implies if this rigorous coursework is not part of their curriculum. But you will have plenty of help in the support recordings! If you find that math is taking too much time each day, consider doing every-other problem in the IP book. (To encourage accuracy, have your child do a problem they were allowed to skip if they get a wrong answer to a problem that was assigned.)

The Intensive Practice book is divided into two sections per unit - practice problems and word problems. When your child is doing the Practice Problems, see the Class Recordings for help (and scroll below the recording to easily find the problem you need help with.) When your child is doing the Word Problems or Take the Challenge section, help is found in the "IP" recording. ​

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