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We take math education seriously. That's why thousands of parents all over North America trust Singapore Math Live with their child's math future.

Mariko L.
Love it! It's like I have a math coach to help me effectively communicate the problems to my student.
Valerie C.
I am so thankful for this resource. It makes teaching math to my child much more manageable. It also helps me to be able to understand the Singapore math method better.
Mary Rose B.
These recordings have given us great confidence that we can do Singapore Math! I had been scared of using Singapore Math because people have told me that only teachers and mathematicians can really use it in homeschooling their children. Well, with Brenda's help, we are able to go through with it. Singapore Math has really taught both me and my daughter how math works, and we are very grateful! It really is still a challenge, but we have the support and encouragement we need.
Susan S.
I was so excited to find this resource. I wanted to try Singapore Math, but it’s different than the way I learned and I found it was a little more time intensive to teach than I wanted it to be.. We did first grade without any help and are now starting SML with second grade. So far we’ve gone through two weeks. IT’S WELL WORTH THE MONEY, plus a much better value than paying for a tutor. I would give it five stars, but I haven’t tried it for long enough. Also, Brenda has been great to work with! I would highly recommend this!
Katherine K.
I am so incredibly grateful for this resource. I love having this wonderful resource as Brenda has broken down the school year into weeks and this makes my Sunday planning for the week a breeze. I also use her weekly review video to see what I need to emphasize during the week. This is a wonderful resource and I imagine will be even more valuable as I work with my child in the higher levels. I wasn't even considering the SM curriculum until a friend told me about SM Live. Once I watched a few of the free videos, I knew that I wanted to get the SM curriculum as I would have this resource to simply things for me. Lastly the customer service at SM Live has been excellent, I've only needed to contact them in the beginning to ask a few questions and got a quick and professional response. Could not ask for more, thank you so much!
Milet R.
My child and I and definitely benefiting from this program, the math is simple enough but it helps me as the teacher to understand it better and be able to teach it in a way that doesn’t confuse my child. It has helped me be consistent in how I teach math so that as we continue to go up on levels we can actually build on what we’ve learned before. Thank you for this program
Shahnila A.
We are seriously loving this. Brenda explains each concept so well. I love that I can pause the videos and the weekly schedule is a lifesaver. I myself have learned so many mental math strategies alongside my children. I highly recommend Singapore Math Live.
Whitney M.
I love the videos. They help tremendously. The website is a bit hard to navigate though. I cannot seem to find what videos I have already purchased on the website.
Jessica A.
This is such a valuable service for me. I am a homeschool mom who not only did not excel at math in school, but this is such a different approach to math that I could not have taught this successfully with out this resource. I only wish I had found it sooner. Brenda answers my calls anytime with questions as well which has been awesome.
The videos are helping so much. My daughter is able to watch and is gaining insight just by watching the mental math that goes into problems. I wish there was an organized way to work through the videos from my phone because that is easier on our data limits. Eventually, we just broke down and started using the computer and adjusted other uses to make it work. We are so pleased with the level of instruction!
Tammy B
Utilizing Singapore has saved me a lot of time and is helping my son understand the math concepts that I was not focusing as much on due to lack of time and lack of understanding on my part. I am so glad that this option is available and will definitely use it for my younger kids when they are older.
Robert M.
We love Singaporemathlive. The videos keep us learning and the lesson plans keep us on track and moving forward.
Isabel J.
I like the videos, my kids like the videos. It’s a lifesaver for time and energy. I would like to point out the few things I have noted with using SML for just over 1 year with multiple levels (1-3). Her handwriting for the kids videos could be more legible especially for the younger years like Primary 1 and 2. I’m not speaking to the pictures but to the words and numbers. It’s frustrating to constantly have to enter in my email every single time I want to play a video in the free trial even when logged in. It’s also frustrating when the website goes to a vis. Or viz. website instead of the www. Because then you can’t get back to the screen with all the videos. Lastly, it would be really cool to be able to see when I registered for each level/ when it expires and it would be really cool to be able to put a level on hold over breaks but we do get 12 months so I can understand if this couldn’t be an option.
Amy L.
From our student: I think that you explain the problems very well! I like seeing the teacher but I think you should lighten the math load big time because it gets very stressful sometimes but thank you for teaching me math. From the mom: Singapore Math Live has been a huge help to me. Brenda's explanations are clear and concise. Math isn't my strongest subject, so it has lessened the pressure and stress of having to teach it. It has also allowed greater ease and independence for my student. Thank you for this program
Jeren S.
We are just starting our second year using SML and I personally love the little bits of freedom it affords me to tend to other things. Thank you for offering this support.
Sharon B.
I am so grateful to Mrs. Barnett for her hard work of creating all the videos to help us teach the challenging but excellent Singapore Math program to our children! Thank you, Brenda! Your help is invaluable.
Sarah K.
I am so thankful for Singapore Math Live. It is very helpful and appreciated. I especially like the access and personal contact info for Brenda. I have confidence that we can continue to use the Singapore Math Method with success.
Jennifer D.
As a homeschool family we love Singapore Math Live! The main teacher (me!) is grateful for the prerecorded teaching sessions that can be viewed (and reviewed!) at any time and our son appreciates the clear, step-by-step teaching. We are both grateful for a competent and passionate math teacher!
I highly recommend this as a teaching aide for 6a and b. It helps to have an explanation to help teach your child when you get stuck on those word problems.
Jean S.
This is our 2nd year using Singapore Live and we couldn't be happier. Thanks for all your hard work putting together the videos so our kids can thrive!!
Linda D.
Thank you for your wonderful math skills. My son chuckled when you comment on your drawing skills;) I would suggest breaking up the student videos by week, online, so it is easier to find which one you’re on and also have videos for the practice and reviews that aren’t on the schedule. Some times I have my son so the unassigned pages for extra practice and give him some more confidence. We’re grateful for Singapore math live!!

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