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Primary Math support is for First through Sixth grade students. We price our courses more than competitively, so they start at only $55/year. Plus, your second year of registration for any level previously purchased is only $25/year.

If you're just getting started with Singapore Math,  check out our blog posts and FAQ for more information.

Why the US Edition of Primary Math?

We use the "US Edition" of the Singapore Math curriculum because it is the only version that is both tweaked to use measurements commonly found in the US and not modified for use in a US classroom.

The versions for use in US classrooms have been tweaked to adapt to the "achievement" learning environment rather than a "ability" learning environment. While this might be enough of a challenge for many students, the US Edition allows students to be exposed to a higher level of depth and rigor that will enhance their critical thinking skills and challenge them to learn to abstractly apply previously learned skills in new situations.

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