Getting Started with Singapore Math Live

Getting Started

with Singapore Math Live

Maximize Math Potential

Singapore Math® curriculum has earned a reputation for high mathematics success BUT it can be difficult - even intimidating - to teach. Singapore Math Live can help you and your child master the logical and intuitive way to think about math.

Singapore Math Live videos are created especially for homeschoolers and give you unlimited access to visual and verbal demonstration of the methods and strategies that your child will use to solve each problem.

You will see the growth of your child's logical reasoning and critical thinking skills, along with a high level of math success.

1st — 6th

Primary Math

Primary Math covers First grade through Sixth grade using the US edition of the Singapore Math curriculum. This curriculum is most similar to what is used in Singapore schools, just with imperial units mixed in with metric units.

7th — 8th

Dimensions Math

Dimensions Math includes Algebra I and parts of Geometry and Algebra II. Dimensions Math levels 7 and 8 were written in Singapore and offer the same depth and rigor as the US Edition of Primary Math.

1st — 8th

Challenging WP

Whether you use Singapore Math for your primary curriculum or not, improve your child's critical thinking and logical reasoning skills by incorporating this curriculum into your math time for 20 minutes a day.

The Difference of Singapore Math Live

If you use the Singapore Math curriculum but teach your children to find answers the same way you might have been taught, you won't achieve the results that the curriculum is known for.

The difference in learning is not the particular problems that your child will be solving, but in the methods and strategies they are using to complete those problems. Singapore Math Live videos are instruction created using the method used in the curriculum, not the typical style found in American classrooms. The Singapore Math way of approaching problems is a very logical and intuitive way to think about math.

Our videos for Primary Math 1 and 2 are priced very inexpensively because while we know that you are capable of finding all the answers, we believe that with a little coaching from the videos you will be able to incorporate the methods and strategies from the very beginning.

What Makes Us Special?


Ability vs. Achievement

Singapore Math Live curriculum focuses on ability over achievement to set up your child's math foundation that will be formative through high-school and beyond.

Homeschool Friendly

Singapore Math Live was built for homeschool families. Because of this, we offer affordable pricing with re-registration discount, connection via monthly events, and flexibility

Methods and Strategies

Just getting answers to each problem won't give your children the results you are looking for. Our videos consistently provide visual and verbal explanations using methods and strategies that increase logical reasoning and critical thinking skills.

Get the most out of Singapore Math Live

Starting a new journey can be scary, so let us help you get started.

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