How Singapore Math Live Began…


How Singapore Math Live Began…

Would it surprise you to know that I’ve learned a lot over my 16 years of homeschooling? But as a former high school math teacher, I was shocked to find that one of my earliest lessons was “How to Think Mathematically.” While working through the Singapore Math Primary Mathematics series during my early years of homeschooling, it became clear to me that i had been taught to “do math” but not to “think mathematically.”

Teaching my four children with the Singapore Math curriculum over a 15 year time span has changed the way I approach math at all levels.

Singapore Math curricula helps students to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills that prepare them for success in upper level math courses. Each of the Barnett children is very different in personality and giftedness, but they all have extremely high math scores and one of them is a National Merit Scholar. Through completing the Textbooks, Workbooks, Intensive Practice, and Challenging Word Problems books, they developed exceptional skills, both “doing math” and “thinking mathematically.” It has/is serving each of them very well as they continue their years in academia.

Singapore Math Live is essentially the same plan that we used in our home. This unique support program will allow you to do an even better job than I did! You’ll have a comprehensive plan, daily instructional support, and ready-answers for the difficult problems. I am passionate about helping your family excel in math. Let’s work together and watch your children soar!