Dimensions Math 7A

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Ready for Dimensions Math® 7A?

If your child has been successful in taking the Primary Math 6A and 6B exit exams, this is the perfect next step.

In Dimensions Math® 7A the student takes ownership of their education. They can watch instruction videos, complete homework, and view solutions to any homework problems that they are struggling with all on their own. The solutions videos allow students to attempt more problems in less time because they don’t have to spend a long time being “stuck” on one problem! After attempting a problem for a reasonable amount of time, the student can access the solutions recording where Mrs. Barnett models the thinking skills and mathematical concepts required to solve each problem.

What Dimensions Math® Includes:

  • Words to Listen For: During each instruction video, students are asked to write down a specific word. At the end of each lesson parents can ask to see these words and compare them to the list of words that are provided to parents. This holds students accountable for listening well during instructional time.
  • Parent Notes: Parent notes are provided for each unit. These notes include an overview of the unit, suggestions for what problems are necessary and which ones can be omitted, and information about when to use a calculator.
  • Tests and Keys: High quality tests are provided for each unit, as well as keys so parents can know how their students are doing.

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Target Audience

  • Students that have passed the Primary Math 6A and 6B exit exams.


106 Lessons

Unit 1 – Factors and Multiples

Welcome Students!00:14:18Preview
100s Chart / 200s Chart
1.1 Instruction00:17:02Preview
Textbook Exercise 1.1 Solutions00:55:59Preview
1.2 Instruction00:38:50Preview
Textbook Exercise 1.2 Solutions00:40:40Preview
1.3 Instruction00:19:38Preview
Textbook Exercise 1.3 Solutions00:35:58Preview
1.4 Instruction00:32:45
Textbook Exercise 1.4 Solutions00:28:30
1.5 Instruction00:20:22
Textbook Exercise 1.5 Solutions00:38:17
Unit 1 Review Instruction00:19:58
Workbook #11-20 Solutions00:57:09
Workbook #21-29 Solutions00:44:48
Textbook Unit 1 Review Exercise Solutions00:42:04

Unit 2 – Real Numbers

Unit 3 – Introduction to Algebra

Unit 4 – Algebraic Manipulation

Unit 5 – Simple Equations in One Variable

Unit 6 – Ratio, Rate, and Speed

Unit 7 – Percentage

Unit 8 – Angles, Triangles, Quadrilaterals

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106 lectures

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  • Video Solutions for Homework
  • Parent Notes
  • Unit Tests and Keys
  • Words to Listen For

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