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Site Licensing

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Using Singapore Math Live in Schools

Although Singapore Math Live was created with home educating families in mind, there are a growing number of schools that have discovered that Singapore Math Live is very beneficial for their teachers and students as well.

We love working with Charter Schools, homeschool groups, and other interested customers. Pricing is broken up into two groups: licensing for in-classroom use, and licensing for individual students.

In-classroom licensing allows teachers to use Singapore Math Live support material for in-person or synchronous online viewing and is priced per-student enrolled in the course.

Individual student licensing allows institutions to purchase an account for each individual student and/or staff member. This allows students to watch videos on their own, anywhere in the world. Pricing is per-account. This is also the license you would purchase for asynchronous online learning.

Individual teacher licensing allows teachers to incorporate the Singapore Math methods and terminology into their own teaching. The price for use by a teacher to support only the teacher (not for in-classroom use) is at the standard price and can be purchased through the site.


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Why a site license?

Schools can purchase a site license that allows access to a customizable set of videos in the classrooms. Whether used for remediation or enrichment, the recordings give teachers the ability to help individual students without taking time away from the rest of the students.

When students need help at home, schools can recommend a customized set of videos that students will access when they are at home. Whether schools purchase it for the students or offer it as an option for parents to purchase, students can have support at home that reinforces the methods they are learning in the classroom.

Brenda is also available to provide in-service webinars for your school.

Contact us for pricing

Feel free to reach out by email or phone to discuss how site licenses work, as well as pricing details. We'd love to help!

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