Primary Mathematics 2

Brenda Barnett and her husband Brent
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Ready for Primary Math 2?
Take the PM 1A and PM 1B Assessment Tests to find out! Not sure? Check out the other assessment tests to see where your student fits in.

What’s included?
Includes daily student instruction, 34 weekly lessons for parents, and solutions to all word problems — all utilizing the methods, strategies, and terminology of the Singapore Math curriculum. Also included are solutions for problems in the Intensive Practice and Challenging Word Problems books.

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Target Audience

  • Students who have passed the PM 1A and 1B Assessment Tests


182 Lessons

2A- Week 1

Welcome Students!00:14:00Preview
How to use Singapore Math LivePreview
Weekly Schedule (Sample)Preview
Weekly Schedule (Complete)
Recording Lengths by Week
Intro and Weekly Overview with WB & IP Solutions00:18:40Preview
Student Instruction: Exercise 100:7:27Preview
Student Instruction: Exercise 200:5:12Preview
Student Instruction: Exercise 300:7:34Preview
Student Instruction: Exercise 400:7:23Preview
Student Instruction: Exercise 500:5:21Preview

2A- Week 2

2A- Week 3

2A- Week 4

2A- Week 5

2A- Week 6

2A- Week 7

2A- Week 8

2A- Week 9

2A- Week 10

2A- Week 11

2A- Week 12

2A- Week 13

2A- Week 14

2A- Week 15

2A- Week 16

2B- Week 17

2B- Week 18

2B- Week 19

2B- Week 20

2B- Week 21

2B- Week 22

2B- Week 23

2B- Week 24

2B- Week 25

2B- Week 26

2B- Week 27

2B- Week 28

2B- Week 29

2B- Week 30

2B- Week 31

2B- Week 32

2B- Week 33

2B- Week 34

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I would not be able to teach math without.

This is just what we needed in our homeschool. I started this course mid-year with 2B. We’re moving on to the next course and I’m hoping to use it more fully.

We have done Singapore's Dimension's Math program and it was wonderful for kindergarten and first and then once second grade hit my kids were in tears! It is a totally different way of thinking about math and I see a huge advantage to it if you understand how to properly teach that way as well. I have an early childhood education degree and I was having a difficult time explaining it in ways that weren't the ways I learned it because I didn't learn this way. I found Brenda's courses and switched to the traditional U.S. Singapore and my kids are loving it! She explains things soooo well and even goes into great detail on the challenging word problems that I would sit for a while trying to think how to explain it the Singapore way. I see how this way will help them so much as they grow in their math journey! She is very easy to get in contact with if you need anything or have questions. I already have a feeling that she truly cares about your child's math education and wants to help as best she can. Feel so blessed to have this wonderful "helper tool" right at our fingertips! Thank you Brenda!!!

Our first year of using Singapore Math was made all the better with SML. Thank you! (and the new website, is MUCH easier to navigate, great job team!)

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182 lectures

Material Includes

  • Daily Instruction Videos for Students
  • Challenging Word Problem Solutions
  • Intensive Practice Solutions
  • Week-at-a-glance for Parents

Enrollment validity: 365 days