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In 2015, after completing the Primary Mathematics curriculum with each of her four children, it occurred to Brenda that she could use the technology she used in her High School Math Live courses to create a video support program that would make it possible for more families to use Singapore Math curriculum with their children. This fit right in with her passion to help homeschooling families to maximize math potential and Singapore Math Live was born.

The Singapore Math Live library contains more than 900 support videos for Singapore Math Primary US Edition.  There are videos that instruct the students, videos that support the parent, and solutions recordings so you’ll never be stumped by a word problem. These recordings, along with a syllabus that breaks the material into 34 weekly assignments, make up the support program that enables parents to provide their children with the very best foundation in elementary math education.


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Why Singapore Math Live?



As a homeschooling parent, Brenda understands the rhythm of a school day. Singapore Math Live uses a set of books that allows students to focus on math in three short bursts throughout the day. This allows students to use a fresh brain rather than slog through the end of the lesson with less attention and focus.


A weekly schedule is provided to give structure but still allow flexibility. As a homeschooling parent, you decide how many problems to assign each day, and at which times of the day to do them. The videos will support you if you choose to assign every problem on every page of the book, but not even the Barnett children were held to that standard!

Depth and Rigor

The Singapore Math curriculum utilizes strategies and methods that help students become critical thinkers and problem solvers. They'll learn to think mathematically and gain an understanding of math that lays the foundation for both high school and college level coursework. This curriculum is rigorous enough to challenge even a strong math teacher, but with SML videos you'll have a patient, organized, thorough explanation of every problem.

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