Challenging Word Problems: Level 1

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Ready to focus on problem solving skills?

The Challenging Word Problems book by Singapore Math Inc. is the best source for thought-provoking, multi-step word problems. Students can greatly enhance their problem solving and critical thinking skills in just 10-20 minutes per day. Use CWP as a supplement to any curriculum and your child’s math proficiency will soar!

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The goal is for the student to have daily exposure to the strategies and methods required to solve these problems. Ideally, students would complete two problems per day every school day. We want the student to attempt these when their brains are fresh and alert and then be able to see the solutions immediately afterwards. After they attempt the problem for 3-5 minutes, they can view the solution and will have an explanation for whatever stumped them that they can add to their math toolbox so that when that skill is needed again, it will be ready to use. Over time, students will develop into mathematical thinkers and will strengthen problem-solving and analysis skills.

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CWP Level 1

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CWP p. 33-3700:8:41
CWP p. 41-4400:7:19
CWP p. 47-5100:16:34
CWP p. 57-6000:12:19
​CWP p. 63-7000:18:16
CWP p. 73-7600:12:39
CWP p. 77-8200:20:14
​CWP p. 83-9000:13:10
CWP p. 91-9800:27:45
CWP p. 115-12100:21:49
CWP p. 125-13100:23:54
​​CWP p. 136-14000:13:47
CWP p. 145-150​00:17:18
​CWP p. 151-15000:15:31
​CWP p. 162-16600:12:51
​CWP p. 167-17500:31:38
​​CWP p. 176-18600:32:17
CWP p. 187-196​00:17:03
​CWP p. 197-20700:30:05
CWP p. 208-21500:24:29

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