Primary Mathematics 4

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Ready for Primary Math 4?
Take the PM 3A and PM 3B Assessment Tests to find out! Not sure? Check out the other assessment tests to see where your student fits in.

What’s included?
Includes daily student instruction, 34 weekly lessons for parents, and solutions to all word problems — all utilizing the methods, strategies, and terminology of the Singapore Math curriculum. Also included are solutions for problems in the Intensive Practice and Challenging Word Problems books.

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Target Audience

  • Students who have passed the PM 3A and 3B Assessment Tests


164 Lessons

4A- Week 1

Welcome Students!00:14:00Preview
Weekly Schedule
Recording Lengths by Week
Weekly Overview with WB & IP Solutions00:42:15Preview
Solutions: CWP p. 4-900:30:56Preview
Student Instruction: Exercise 100:6:31Preview
Student Instruction: Exercise 200:9:07Preview
Student Instruction: Exercise 300:10:13Preview
Student Instruction: Exercise 400:3:03Preview
Student Instruction: Exercise 500:10:37Preview
Student Instruction: Exercise 600:11:06Preview
Student Instruction: Exercise 700:8:57Preview

4A- Week 2

4A- Week 3

4A- Week 4

4A- Week 5

4A- Week 6

4A- Week 7

4A- Week 8

4A- Week 9

4A- Week 10

4A- Week 11

4A- Week 12

4A- Week 13

4A- Week 14

4A- Week 15

4A- Week 16

4B- Week 17

4B- Week 18

4B- Week 19

4B- Week 20

4B- Week 21

4B- Week 22

4B- Week 23

4B- Week 24

4B- Week 25

4B- Week 26

4B- Week 27

4B- Week 28

4B- Week 29

4B- Week 30

4B- Week 31

4B- Week 32

4B- Week 33

4B- Week 34

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164 lectures

Material Includes

  • Daily Instruction Videos for Students
  • Challenging Word Problem Solutions
  • Intensive Practice Solutions
  • Week-at-a-glance for Parents

Enrollment validity: 365 days