Which Singapore Math books do we recommend – and why?


Which Singapore Math books do we recommend – and why?

Singapore Math Live recommends that parents purchase the non-consumable Textbooks A and B (US Edition), Primary Math Workbooks A and B (US Edition), the Intensive Practice A and B (US Edition) and the Challenging Word Problems (CC Edition) for each level.

​Although having your student finish each of these books requires time and diligence, I believe that it is time well spent. Admittedly, there were seasons in our homeschool when we didn’t quite finish every page, but it was our goal to finish this set of books for each level. And the result has been that each of my children, although different in so many ways, all score in the upper 90th percentiles on standardized math tests.

I believe that this grouping of books provides a very solid math education for students. It is a rigorous workload, but with the support that Singapore Math® Live offers, it is attainable! Here are the reasons that I strongly suggest this particular set of materials:

1. Textbooks are necessary! Before you do an exercise in the workbooks, your student should look at the textbook and see how the concepts are introduced. This ensures that your child is not just getting an answer but they are really comprehending the concepts. That’s important! Singapore Math Live offers recordings for the student based on the textbook instruction.

2. Workbooks give the introductory level of practice after the concept has been introduced via the Textbook.

3. Intensive Practice is necessary – the Workbook problems are great introductory level problems. But in order to really master the concepts, students need to experience the harder problems found in these books. Through this practice students develop the strategies and think deeper about the concepts. Singapore Math Live recordings give extra help for these problems so that you can help your child be successful on these more difficult concepts.

4. Challenging Word Problems – the BEST part about the Primary Math curriculum. Critical thinking skills galore! Absolutely a must-do book!! Singapore Math

Math is important! Math education should be a priority in your child’s daily schedule. Students need to practice and think and work hard in order to master a concept. Using this set of Primary Math books will require about thirty minutes daily in the early years and about an hour daily in the upper years. Maximize the potential of your child’s math ability by using the Primary Math curriculum with support from Singapore Math Live.