How may we help you?

What are the various ways that I (and my student) will benefit by using this program?

  1. Pacing – The Singapore Math® Live syllabus coordinates with the recordings to help you find an appropriate amount of work to assign/complete each week.
  2. Time Savings – By taking a little time each week to watch the Class Recordings, you actually save time! You’ll know more about what to expect your child to be doing in math and you’ll already have the explanations in mind if your child has difficulty when working on the assigned problems.
  3. Solutions Recordings – Never be stuck on a word problem – and don’t skip them either! You’ll always have an answer AND an explanation for any word problem in the curriculum!
  4. 24/7 Support – you don’t need to work around anyone else’s time schedule, you can have all the help you need at a time convenient to you. All you need is a device that will connect to the internet!
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