How may we help you?

There are a lot of recordings! What if I don’t have time to watch them all?

The Class Recordings are the only recordings that parents would consider watching from start to finish. It is in those recordings that I explain the methods and strategies for solving problems in the Workbook and the Intensive Practice book.

There will be times when you do not need to hear as many examples as I give and you will be able to fast forward through part of those recordings. The IP and CWP recordings are “solutions recordings” where I work every word problem in those books. You’ll watch those when you’re stuck on a word problem or when you want to compare your strategy with mine. You can choose which solutions you need to see and fast forward to the place in the recording where you can get the help you need.

The Class Recordings are meant to be a help – not a burden. It would be ideal to set aside some time at the beginning of each week to watch at least part of that recording, but don’t feel like you have to watch every minute of every Class Recording.