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How much will it cost to use Singapore Math curriculum with Singapore Math Live support?

For the first child in your family, the approximate cost (including books and SML support) will be:
PM1 and PM2 – $155
PM3 and PM4 – $185
PM5 and PM6 – $215.

If you use this program with other children in your family, the cost is greatly reduced because you don’t have to re-purchase the Textbook and Singapore Math Live offers a discount for re-registrations. The approximate cost, including books and SML support, will be:
PM1 through PM6 – $100 per year 

Singapore Math Live does not sell books, but click here to see the books (including the ISBN) that we recommend. The links on that page will take you to the Singapore Math Inc. website, they offer free shipping for qualifying orders.

You can also check out this video where Brenda explains the total cost of Singapore Math Live recommended books and support.