Honors Math 9

After Dimensions

Honors Math 9

Singapore Math Live offers support through Dimensions Math® 8, but what can you take after that?

We created Math 9 Honors that is designed specifically to follow Dimensions Math 8. This course is offered through High School Math Live, also created by Brenda Barnett. High School Math Live classes are live, interactive, online classes that meet twice weekly. They have weekly assessments that are sent to the parent, proctored by the parent, and then returned to the teacher for grading. High School Math Live offers courses from Pre-Pre-Algebra through Calculus II, including Consumer Math, Statistics, and AP® Calculus AB.

How Do We Start?

After completing DM8, a student has earned a full credit for Algebra I and half-credits for each of Honors Geometry and Honors Algebra II. Math 9 Honors will provide the remaining half-credit for Honors Geometry and Honors Algebra II.

Since this is a unique class, a placement test is necessary. Follow the instructions to submit it, and then High School Math Live will contact you to go over the results and placement options.

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