Fun! with Critical Thinking Skills Camp – Level 6 starting June 21th

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Join us this summer for the Fun! with Critical Thinking Skills camp – level 6. This camp will be a lively and engaging dive into patterns, logic, mental math skills, multi-step problems, fractions, and bar-modeling. All camps will be taught by Brenda Barnett, founder of Singapore Math Live and will have an enrollment cap of 12 students. The camp will take place Live! on Tuesday/Thursdays from June 21st to July 7th from 2pm CT to 3:30pm CT in a GoToMeeting classroom. It is best if students can use a webcam during class to improve interaction, but it’s not required.

Each FUN! camp participant will also receive one-year access to the Singapore Math Live Solutions Recordings for Challenging Word Problems 6. These recordings include solutions and explanations for every problem in the CWP6 book, helping students to solidify their understanding of the strategies and methods of the Singapore Math curriculum. Your child can continue working through this book even after FUN! Cam is over!

Level 6 Camp will use the Challenging Word Problems 6 book from Singapore Math Inc. and participating students are required to own a copy of this book. Click here to purchase the book from Singapore Math Inc. or purchase the book (ISBN 9789812855343) from your favorite bookstore.

During FUN! Camp we will work on critical thinking and analytical skills, not computational skills. Students should have already completed Primary Math 6 (or an equivalent level of math) so that we can use the computation skills they have already learned and dig deep into thinking skills! Here are links to placement tests that determine whether a student has mastered Primary Math 6A and Primary Math 6B. The word problems on these placement tests will be a similar level to those presented in FUN! camps.

Please contact us if you have any questions, we’d love to help!


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